10/13/2013 09:02 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Beaten Up Abbotsford Student Asks Why Police Weren't Called

A Grade 12 student in Abbotsford wants to know why school officials didn't call the police after he was beaten up in a school locker room on Friday.

Wyatt DuBois says after gym class last week at Rick Hansen High School, he overheard a group of people bullying of one of his friends in the locker room.

He says he stood up to one of the boys, and that's when the teen came over and allegedly started to beat him with a retractable baton.

"He told me he wanted to fight," DuBois told CBC News, describing in detail how he was allegedly hit and kicked half a dozen times.The beating left him bleeding profusely.

Dubois said the attack happened with more than 60 other students watching.

"Everyone watched when I said, 'You need a weapon to approach me.' He got mad and choked me. After he hit me over the head a second time, I was bleeding. I remember getting up and slipping in my own blood."

Dubois said the fight then moved into the school hallway, and that's when teachers grabbed him and ushered him into a gym office.

Ambulance called, not police

Dubois says he asked the school to call the police, but only an ambulance was called.

"I told them I wanted the police to be called. I told them I wanted charges and police were never called."

It was only after a B.C.ambulance arrived that paramedics called Abbotsford Police.

"Honestly that really discourages me about the school," Dubois said.

"I thought it was supposed to be a safe place. You're supposed to go and not feel like you have to worry about anything, but I don't want to go back there. I don't feel safe there anymore."

Dubois ended up getting seven stitches and six staples.

Dave Stephen, spokesman with the Abbotsford School District, says the police liaison office was called once administrators were able to sort out what had happened, adding that the two boys believed to be behind the attack will be suspended.

Wyatt's parents, Sonya and Richard Dubois, said they think the attacker should be suspended indefinitely. They're also upset that police were not called immediately.

"This was a major crime with a weapon," Sonya said. "What type of situation has to happen to say maybe we need the police?"

"He was assaulted," Richard said. "At what point should the police be called? Does he have to die, or something?"

Abbotsford Police say they are conducting a full investigation into the incident, adding that the alleged attacker has been arrested and will be facing charges of assault and possession of a prohibited weapon.

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