10/14/2013 11:02 EDT

Alberta Inventions: 12 Oddest, Most Surprising, And Delicious, Alberta Inventions (PHOTOS)


Albertans are a proud bunch with an affinity for the land and deep-rooted values.

They appreciate a good pickup truck but also a good hike. Their idea of a good time entails dressing like extras in a John Wayne movie, but it can also involve hurling themselves a snowy Rocky Mountain slope.

But Albertans are also a clever, imaginative breed with a penchant for innovation.

Look around and chances are that an idea born in Alberta has had an impact on your life, the new federal Conservative movement not withstanding. (Yes, that political force was born from the Canadian Alliance, that came from the Reform Party, which was born in Alberta.)

Albertans have become legendary for their propensity to dig, so it stands to reason that it was Albertans who invented a way to pull bitumen out of sand in northern Alberta, and who invented a way to take fossils out of the dinosaur-rich earth of eastern Alberta without damaging the fragile specimens.

But it's everyday things, such as the ATCO trailer or the Caesar, that Canadians run across everyday and that they may not know were invented in Wild Rose Country. And those are the inventions offered here today.

Click through the slideshow below for top 12 oddest, most surprising, most delicious inventions to come out of Alberta.

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Alberta Inventions