10/14/2013 12:20 EDT

Justin Bieber Accused Of Nightclub Attack, Told By Deadmau5 To 'Grow The F*** Up'

Looks like Bieber had a tough weekend.

The 19-year-old had a nasty run-in with the DJ at a South Korea club Friday night, when DJ Michael Woods accused Biebs of taking a "cheap shot" at his manager when Woods refused to let the singer behind the booth so he could play hip-hop, according to TMZ.

Woods took to Twitter the next day to rant about Bieber's behaviour.

Party host Ben Baller told TMZ things didn't get violent, and Bieber got his wish.

But the backlash didn't end there. After hearing about the club skirmish, artist Deadmau5 weighed in on Bieber's mini-tantrum, telling him on Twitter to "grow the f*** up" and "put a shirt on".

Of course, Bieber's fanbase came to his aid, calling Deadmau5 all sorts of colourful names.

Looks like a feud worthy of Biebs' level of stardom.

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