10/15/2013 09:14 EDT

Introvert? Extrovert? What's Your Personality Like When You Travel? (QUIZ)


Travel is an incredibly liberating thing. It opens minds, adds new perspective and lets people come out of their shell. But it also gives people a chance to climb back into their shell, if that's what floats their boat.

When it comes to globe-trotting, there's a few classics you'll always see on a plane : the business executive, the family vacationers, or the honeymooners for example. But there are some types of travellers you can't categorizes just by their attire or the number of suitcases they carry.

Some travellers can only be categorized once they've left the airport and stepped out into a brand new world. Some might be the of the introverted type, shunning crowded parks and attractions for a quite retreat. Others might be the kind that roam in groups and make sure that memories are made better with more people.

Of course, that's not to say you can't be a little bit of both. So which one are you? HuffPost Canada Travel has developed this (totally unscientific) quiz to determine your travel personality.

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