10/15/2013 02:03 EDT | Updated 12/15/2013 05:12 EST

Mark Hagemoen, Bishop At Mackenzie-Fort Smith, Is From Vancouver

Corpus Christi/Saint Mark's
VANCOUVER - A Vancouver-based Catholic priest has been named the bishop of Canada's northernmost Catholic diocese, responsible for one of the most far-flung dioceses on the planet.

Pope Francis has named Monsignor Mark Hagemoen Bishop of the Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith, based in Yellowknife.

A date for ordination and installation has not yet been set.

When he steps into the role, Hagemoen will be responsible for the spiritual well-being of about 27,000 Catholics, or roughly half the population dotted across a 1.5-million square kilometre region covering most of the Northwest Territories, parts of Nunavut and northern Saskatchewan.

Vancouver-born Hagemoen has served in parishes from Chilliwack, B.C., to Vancouver over the past two decades and is currently principal of Saint Mark's Theological College and principal of Corpus Christi College, the Catholic liberal arts college at the University of British Columbia.

Vancouver Archbishop J. Michael Miller says the appointment recognizes a very gifted administrator who has overseen UBC's two Catholic colleges in a very able way.

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