10/15/2013 05:20 EDT

Michael Wekerle Sued After 'Drunken Escapade' In Arkansas Hotel


Michael Wekerle, a Canadian millionaire and co-founder of Difference Capital Financial Inc., is being sued following a “drunken escapade” at an Arkansas hotel in 2010.

The lawsuit alleges Wekerle visited Capital Hotel in Little Rock, Ark. on Oct. 22, 2010, at which time he initiated “negligent horseplay” and permanently injured plaintiff Brook Jansen, a valet.

“Mr. Wekerle caused injury to Mr. Jansen’s shoulder and neck when he grabbed Mr. Jansen’s arm, twisted it and tugged on it as if he were about to flip Mr. Jansen over his shoulder,” the lawsuit says.

Jansen required surgery for his injury, reported, and his treatment was covered by workers’ compensation insurance, but he believes Wekerle should also be held responsible.

A lawyer for Jansen, Bud Whetstone, told the Toronto Star the plaintiff is suing for at least $150,000 in damages.

A report from the hotel also described Wekerle's behaviour that night, saying he dropped his pants in the lobby, verbally harassed female guests, licked the bottom of a woman’s shoe and foot, exposed himself in the Capital Bar & Grill, and threatened a security officer, in addition to other acts. A concierge noted Wekerle came with a “fanny pack full of money.”

Wekerle’s lawyer, Jeff Kehoe, told Wekerle plans to “respond and to defend himself vigorously.”

Kehoe also sent a statement from Wekerle:

I would like to respond to the lawsuit filed against me in Arkansas arising out of a minor incident dating back three years. This incident occurred during a difficult period of my life. I had just lost my wife and I still have difficult moments. ‎While I dispute certain parts of the allegations, I acknowledge that on that night three years ago I behaved in a way that I’m not particularly proud of. For that, I apologize. There is a legal process currently unfolding and I am going to let it run its course.

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