10/16/2013 05:19 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Throne Speech 2013 Highlights: Balanced Budget Law, Trade Deal, Tough-On-Crime Legislation

OTTAWA - Highlights from the throne speech delivered Wednesday by Gov. Gen. David Johnston:

— Legislation coming to require balanced budgets during normal economic times and strict timelines for restoring balance in the event of an crisis.

— Negotiations will soon be complete in a long-awaited comprehensive trade agreement with the European Union.

— The overall federal operating budget will be frozen.

— Government hiring will be restrained, spending systems will be reformed and public service pay and benefits will be "reasonable, responsible and in the public interest."

— Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani activist who was targeted by the Taliban over her efforts to promote education for girls, will be given honorary Canadian citizenship.

— Canadians will be permitted to take beer and spirits across provincial boundaries for personal consumption.

— The government will take steps to reduce cell phone roaming costs and will require TV providers to unbundle channels to allow consumers to pick and choose.

— The government says it will renew efforts to address the issue of murdered and missing aboriginal women.

— New tough-on-crime legislation will ensure that the worst criminals serve sentences for life and will end the practice of automatic early release for serious, repeat offenders.

— The government will get tougher on drug policy and "close loopholes that allow for the feeding of addiction under the guise of treatment."

— The government will reach out to offer more support to homeless veterans and build on a program to put veterans in good jobs.

— The National War Memorial will be re-dedicated to the memory of all who fought for the country.

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