10/16/2013 02:33 EDT

Women Change Their Hair 36 Times In Their Lifetime, Says Study


Wisdom has it that women should cut their hair every 6 to 12 weeks but the average times women actually change their hair happens much less frequently.

A study done by in the U.K. has found that the average British woman changes her hairstyle 36 times in her lifetime.

Only six per cent of those quizzed said they had the same hairstyle for their entire life, while the majority, 41 per cent, said they changed their 'do every two years and 19 per cent said they change it every year.

The most popular style? Despite belief that Miley Cyrus' pixie cut is taking over the world, most women prefer to keep their hair should length, with 48 per cent favouring a mid-length 'do and 22 per cent growing their locks long.

Celebs who also love keeping their locks at a medium-range include Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Kerry Washington and Nicole Richie.

Seems as if women aren't big fans of shorter 'dos à la Halle Berry!

Do you like long or short?

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