10/17/2013 04:23 EDT | Updated 12/17/2013 05:12 EST

Bowen Island Mayor Tells Resident To 'Shut Up' At Council Meeting

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A Bowen Island municipal councillor is calling for an apology from the mayor after he told a member of the public to 'shut up' during a council meeting this week.

"It was outrageous. I can't think of a better word," said Coun. Tim Rhodes, who was present in council chambers when the exchange took place.

At the Tuesday meeting, Bowen Island resident Melissa Harrison was addressing the mayor and council about her concern over the construction of several large docks on the southern tip of the island.

In a video of the meeting posted on the island's website, Mayor Jack Adelaar looks upset and puts his head in his hands as Harrison, who is a member of a group called 'Stop the Docks,' brings up the topic of the length of chains attached to the docks.

At that point, Harrison addresses the mayor directly, saying: "That's really rude, I've tolerated a lot of really rude behaviour and that is really rude."

Adelaar then shouts back: "Shut up, shut up."

Harrison then replied by pointing out that his command is against procedural bylaws. Adelaar then concedes that she is correct, and tells her to carry on with her presentation.

During the meeting, none of the councillors in attendance commented on the exchange, but comments on an online forum has been very critical of Adelaar's behaviour.

Rhodes told CBC News he was shocked by the incident and that he regrets not speaking up at the time of the incident.

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