10/17/2013 02:46 EDT

Larry Heather's YouTube Parking Song Is Silly, But True

A Calgary mayoral candidate is lamenting the cost of downtown parking in a very silly, but very true, YouTube video.

Larry Heather's "16 Runs: A Lament On The Calgary Parking Authority," is his take-down of Calgary's outrageous parking rates, especially in the downtown core.

Set to the popular karaoke staple, "16 Tons," by Tennessee Ernie Ford, Heather sings, "16 runs, whadaya get? Another day older and deeper in debt. Robbin' St. Peter to pay City Hall, I owe my gold to the CalParkAuthor," referring to the city's pay-to-park system and the Calgary Parking Authority.

In the video, Heather drives around Calgary, stopping outside City Hall to sob next to a Park Plus payment station, before appearing at the end wearing only an empty barrel -- presumably because he's paid all his money to parking.

Calgarians who work downtown can relate -- those without a paid stall in downtown Calgary pay the highest parking rates in the country. Monthly rates average $450 while day parking often costs $40 or more.

While Heather, a Christian radio show host, has not had much success running for mayor in the past (this is his 15th attempt), he has made headlines this election after he blasted current mayor Naheed Nenshi for taking his oath of office on the Qu'ran, rather than the Bible.

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