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10 Reasons To Travel Without A Smartphone (PHOTO, GIFS)


In an age where a traveller's phone is also their GPS, their boarding pass and their camera, the thought of leaving your phone at home while abroad seems almost crazy.

But let's not forget that in an age where near 24/7 connectivity is achievable, constant companionship with a cellphone could make you feel just as crazy.

Sure, ditching your phone may seem tough at first. It may mean saying goodbye to the instant gratification that comes with every notification on Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat or Facebook, but travelling sans phone has its own rewards too.

So, if you're looking for an excuse to leave your phone before your next trip, the Huffington Post Canada has rounded up a few reasons to ditch it and travel with mobility while without your mobile device.

10 Reasons For Ditching Your Phone While Travelling

  • You Now Have To Pay Attention To Your Surroundings
    More learning, less Instagrammin' people!
  • Turning Off Personal Electronics Before Take Off Seems Less Annoying All Of A Sudden
    You're travelling by plane, remember? Every moment of happiness matters!
  • No Need To Buy A Travel Package For Your Phone
    Because paying $45 for 100 mbs of data is for suckers.
  • Drunk Texts Are A Thing Of The Past
    Sober apology texts the morning after are also of non-concern.
  • You Don't Have To Ask What The Wi-Fi Password Is
    Sorry, was that all capitals, no capitals or only the first letter with capitals?
  • No More Freaking Out Over The Low Battery Signal
    Keep calm and travel on, folks.
  • You Won't Ever Look Like These Guys via Buzzfeed
    Just people taking photos of people taking photos of food. #META
  • The Temptation To Check Your Inbox Is Significantly Lower
    No one likes travelling with the compulsive inbox checker. Don't be the compulsive inbox checker.
  • Fighting Over An Outlet To Charge Your Phone Now Seems So Silly
    Traveller 1: What's that? You require this electrical outlet to charge your personal electronics? By all means!
    Traveller 2: No, no, I couldn't.
    Traveller 1: Please! I insist.
    Traveller 2: No, good sir, I insist you take it.
    Traveller 1: No, I insist..
  • It'll Teach You How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
    And really, isn't that the whole purpose of travel?

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