10/21/2013 11:23 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Don Iveson elected Edmonton's next mayor

Don Iveson was elected Edmonton's next mayor on Monday with a decisive victory over his two closest competitors, his former council colleagues Kerry Diotte and Leibovici. 

Iveson, 34, acknowledged the loud cheers of his supporters as he stood on the stage at the Matrix Hotel in downtown Edmonton.

“Edmonton is a very old place but we renew it every couple of years with an election," he said. 

With 237 of 279 polls reporting, Iveson, 34, was able to capture 62.52 per cent of the vote to prevail over Leibovici and Diotte.

Leibovici has pulled in 18.65 per cent of the vote so far, while Diotte is in third place with 15.41 per cent of the vote. 

First elected to city council in 2007, Iveson takes over from Stephen Mandel, who is stepping down after nine years in the mayor’s chair. 

“Mayor Mandel is a mere nine years raised this city back to where it should have always been,” Iveson told his supporters, adding that he considered Mandel a mentor and a hero to all Edmontonians. 

Karen Leibovici conceded the race early on and offered her congratulations to Iveson. Diotte waited a little longer, making his concession speech at 9:45 p.m. MT. 

Incumbent councillors Amarjeet Sohi, Dave Loken, Bryan Anderson, Ed Gibbon, Ben Henderson and Tony Caterina were re-elected. 

Six of the city's 12 wards will have new councillors: 

- Ward 1: Andrew Knack is in the leading with 42.72 per cent of vote, 20/24 stations reporting 

- Ward 2: Bev Esslinger leading with 29.04 per cent of vote, 18/24 stations reporting

- Ward 5: Michael Oshry leading with 29.89 per cent of votes, but Jim Gibbon a close second 

- Ward 6: Scott McKeen leading with 33.9 per cent of vote, 18/24 stations reporting

- Ward 10: Michael Walters leading with 62.04 per cent of vote, 18/22 stations reporting

- Ward 11: Mike Nickel leading with 47.11 per cent of vote, 18/25 of stations reporting