10/21/2013 13:47 EDT | Updated 12/21/2013 05:12 EST

Mushrooms infest walls in Nunavut public housing project

Residents of a public housing project in Baker Lake Nunavut say they're living in a unit so unhygienic, that mushrooms grow out of the walls and black mould is everywhere.

Thirteen different mushroom heads were discovered in the home last week.

Tenant Corrie Aupaluktuq says she has notified the local housing authority about the problem several times, but nothing ever gets done.

Aupaluktuq sent a picture of the house to the manager, and says a housing worker did come pay a visit, but the situation hasn't been fixed yet.

Black mould is also throughout the property, she says.

She had hives on her body from April until September, something she believes was caused by the mould.

"The house has a lot of problems like some black stuff, mould, mildew," she says. "The floor broke so we put [about two metres] of plywood … because we could even see the ground."

The vice-president of Nunavut Housing sent an email to CBC saying an investigation is underway.