10/22/2013 01:03 EDT | Updated 10/22/2013 01:06 EDT

Naheed Nenshi Wins: Calgary Reacts To Coronation Of Popular Mayor

Negin Bagherynejad

It took mere moments for Twitter to erupt into a chirping storm after learning of the coronation of its purple prince.

Like he did three years ago, Naheed Nenshi pulled a decisive lead over the rest of his competition and led his purple masses to victory. He was re-elected Mayor of Calgary Monday night.

It was a landslide win for the very popular mayor who sparked a Twitter-fest less than an hour after polls closed, as it became clear that no one would be able to close the gap on a man who polls have often named Canada's most popular mayor.

Some looked back at Nenshi's first win three years ago, in which he was third in the polls going into election day, only to take the win the day that it counted. Others commented how Nenshi had this win in the bag all along.

Others took the time to thank the mayor for his work over the last three years, while other reminisced about how he handled the June flood emergency.

Others meanwhile, commented on the mayor's fashion sense and his predictable choice of a luxurious purple tie.

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