10/21/2013 14:57 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 18:58 EST

Quebec Liberals prepare for ideological election campaign

The Quebec Liberal party is gearing up for a provincial election that could see secularism and sovereignty at the forefront of the debate.

Members of the Liberal party held a special caucus meeting in Quebec City on Monday, in anticipation that Premier Pauline Marois could call a provincial election. 

In the event of a fall election, Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard said his party would prefer to focus its campaign on the province’s lagging economy.

Couillard said for the current fiscal year, the province is looking at a deficit of about $2 billion. 

"How will we finance the plan or plans brought forward by the government? There is concern that they will be financed by tax hikes or by cuts to public service," he said.

An election of ideologies?

However, the Liberal leader acknowledged his party is prepared to wage an ideological campaign if necessary.

“Those who think that we cannot fight an election, among other subjects of course, on the concept of identity, on the concept of Quebec in Canada, are profoundly wrong.”

He made note of the Parti Québécois’ proposed charter of values and the role it would likely play in a fall election.

Couillard urged the PQ government to present the long-awaited bill, so that the weeks of media speculation could come to an end.