10/22/2013 08:24 EDT | Updated 10/22/2013 08:25 EDT

Canada's 10 Most Entrepreneurial Cities: Calgary, Saskatoon Named Most Business Friendly By CFIB


Everything is bigger out West, including the entrepreneurial spirit, according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

The 2013 Communities in Boom report by the CFIB states that five of the 10 most entrepreneurial cities in Canada - or those cities that are most likely to provide an "environment in which businesses can thrive," are in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The survey's top spot goes to the greater Calgary area.

The study compared cities according to, among other factors, concentration of entrepreneurs, high rate of business start-ups and municipal taxes.

"Other indicators are not as obvious, like the level of business optimism and supportive local government. Notice we have no hundreds on the board," said CFIB Vice-President and Chief Economist Ted Mallett.

"These cities are leading the way, but even they can stand to improve in one area or another.

"While we recognize communities that do this well, it's important to acknowledge that all Canadian cities could do much better, particularly in addressing fairness issues around business property tax."

Click through the gallery below for a ranking of Canada's most entrepreneur-friendly cities.

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