10/23/2013 01:04 EDT | Updated 10/23/2013 01:07 EDT

Chrystia Freeland: Dad's Job Key To Success Today (IRONIC VIDEO)

Star Liberal candidate Chrystia Freeland said something last month that left Justin Trudeau scratching his head. Literally.

Freeland, the Grit candidate in the upcoming Toronto Centre byelection, was taking part in a virtual Q and A in mid-September with Trudeau and MP Scott Brison when she gave her take on social mobility.

"It's increasingly the case that your job prospects are correlated not with how hard you work, not with how well you do in school, but with the job that your father had. And that's not Canada."

Sitting beside the guy who wants to be prime minister. The job his dad had.


The comments didn't make waves at the time, but were picked up this week by Sun News reporter David Akin. Stephen Taylor, Conservative pundit and director at the National Citizens Coalition, was quick to express his glee and released an shortened version of the video for maximum effect.

Freeland's choice of words were particularly unfortunate because Conservative attacks have focused on Trudeau's relative inexperience and famous father.

You can view the full context of Freeland's comments here, which were focused on income inequality, a subject on which she wrote a book. Freeland, a former journalist, has become something of a Liberal spokesperson on middle-class economic stagnation, a subject which Trudeau has made the centerpiece of his party's platform.

To be fair, Freeland's comments were focused on people who get rich without working hard in school or in their careers and Trudeau hasn't exactly been a slacker. The Liberal leader has two university degrees, from McGill and the University of British Columbia, and has said that he scored in the 98th percentile on his law school entrance exams.

And while he hasn't exactly been a star at introducing legislation of his own, he did win his seat in the hotly contested Montreal riding of Papineau rather than running in a safer riding.

Nevertheless, don't expect the Conservatives to let up on the famous father angle or to pass up the opportunity to use the Freeland moment in future attack ads. Even if those attacks have so far failed to make a dent in the Liberals mounting lead over the scandal-plagued Tories.

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