10/23/2013 09:46 EDT

Jake Gyllenhaal Debuts Weight Loss At Hollywood Film Awards (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Jake Gyllenhaal does not have his buff "Prince of Persia" body anymore.

The 32-year-old debuted a shockingly gaunt appearance at the Hollywood Film Awards on Monday, sporting new razor sharp cheekbones, a slimmer face and a noticeable weight loss.

But don't worry too much, the "Prisoners" star wasn't trying out the latest diet; instead, the actor shed the weight for his role as a crime reporter in the upcoming movie "Nightcrawler."

"I think [I've lost] probably a little over 20 pounds, something like that," Gyllenhaal told People magazine. "It's not different than getting into character for anything. It's more about believe where you are and being present where you are. Who's to say what the process is? I have a strange one ... but I love what I do."

So how did the hunk lose the pounds? According to him, it had nothing to do with diet and exercise.

"I can only approach things from a mental place," Gyllenhaal told E! News, "Like I'm playing a character who's hungry, figuratively and literally, who's driven in ways to do things and succeed at any cost."

Jake isn't the only actor to have shed lots of weight for a movie role. Matthew McConaughey shed 50 pounds to play a HIV-positive man in the upcoming "Dallas Buyers Club" and rapper 50 Cent went almost skeletal to play a football player battling cancer in the film "All Things Fall Apart."

Wonder what Jake's girlfriend Alyssa Miller thinks of his new look!

Gyllenhaal in 2010:

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