10/23/2013 01:03 EDT | Updated 12/23/2013 05:12 EST

NDP MPs told to expect more transparent expense reporting

NDP MPs have been told to be prepared to better track and document their expenses.

Caucus chair Peter Julian advised MPs Wednesday the party is putting in place a process for transparent disclosure of expenses.

Julian suggested MPs may need to change the way their offices are run in order to track expenses and is offering training for staff to make sure they understand how to do it.

New Democrats will have to make sure the justification behind their reimbursements is clear. Specifically, laying out who they met with at a particular meeting, the meal, the transportation and other information.

They have also been told that every travel and hospitality receipts must be well organized.

It comes just hours before the Board of Internal Economy for the House of Commons is expected to announce some changes to the way the MPs are to report expenses.

Report must be 'meaningful'

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair told reporters, “All parties agreed that public money is public money and the public has a right to know how it’s spent. We want to move to a more meaningful, transparent system. I put emphasis on meaningful. Self-reporting is meaningless unless verified.”

Muclair’s comment on self-reporting is a direct criticism of the way both the Conservatives and the Liberals have chosen to move forward on the expense issue.

Just last week the Conservatives confirmed MP and senators would be voluntarily disclosing their travel and hospitality expenses.

Liberal MPs and senators were the first to move towards publicly posting their expenses online.

The NDP says it is trying to go even further and is calling for the expenses to be managed by an outside, independent body.