10/23/2013 05:29 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Rob Ford Ducks Questions On Controversial Reference Letters

Mayor Rob Ford told a group of city hall reporters to "forget" asking him about a pair of controversial reference letters he wrote for men with criminal records.

It was recently revealed that Ford wrote a reference letter for Alessandro (Sandro) Lisi, a friend who was convicted of threatening to kill a girlfriend, as well as for Douglas Sedgewick, a tow-truck driver who served a decade in prison for murder.

The mayor stepped out of his office to speak with city hall reporters on Wednesday afternoon, but quickly stormed away when the first question pertained to the letters.

"You know what? If you guys want to ask me about the letters, it’s the end of it," Ford said, while holding a clipboard. "It’s over, okay?"

Asked why he wouldn’t respond to the question, Ford quickly began walking away from the reporters standing around him.

"Because I’ve answered it. That’s it. Anything else? Thanks. It’s over. Forget it, forget it. Done."

Ford has had a sometimes testy relationship with members of the media during his three years as mayor of Toronto.

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