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Vancouver's Next Bombshell Competition Seeks City's Sexiest Dancer (VIDEO)

There's no question that Vancouver is filled with beautiful women. But what do you get when you gather a bunch of the city's sexiest in the same room, and ask them to dance?

You get Vancouver's Next Bombshell. Oh, and one heck of an entertaining evening.

Next month, Vancouver's sexiest movers and shakers (get it?) will battle it out for the title of Vancouver's Next Bombshell plus $500 cash and a truckload of bragging rights.

Produced by Top Dancer Competitions, which organizes events across Canada, Vancouver's Next Bombshell is sure to be entertaining, provocative, and, obviously, sexy.

Each performer has only a minute and a half to show off her talent with a self-choreographed solo in her strongest style of dance. The top five dancers, chosen by a panel of judges and in part by the audience, will advance to the final round—which finalists have to perform a 45-second freestyle to a randomly selected song. The judges, producers, and audience will then vote to decide who should be crowned Vancouver's sexiest dancer.

For Vancouver dancer and Bombshell contestant Portia Favro, the competition is great because it doesn't put boundaries on how one defines "sexy."

"I think the cool thing about it is that sexy is different to everybody," says Favro, who is also a Sergeant of Sass with burlesque performing group Army Of Sass in an interview with HuffPost B.C. "There's no fit formation. In this competition you can be any size, any ethnicity. It puts the choice into the dancers' hands to choose what they feel sexy is to them."

When Favro teaches, she often asks her students WWBD: what would Beyonce do?

"When I first started I never told anyone I was doing [this style of dance] because people hear 'burlesque' and hear 'sexy dance' and they automatically go, 'Oh, that's trashy.' But we're all okay with a Beyonce music video—it's the same thing, essentially. And I mean, who doesn't want to be Beyonce?"

Ultimately, Favro chooses her styles of dance not based on how they look to others, but how they feel to her.

"Sexy dance happens to be a really accessible platform that people of a lot of different ages and backgrounds can tap into and put their own spin on," says Favro. "I like to say in my classes that you can't do anything wrong."

Vancouver's Next Bombshell takes place Nov. 15 at Celebrities nightclub (1022 Davie St.) at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15.

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