10/24/2013 05:24 EDT

Naked Skiing In 'Valhalla' Is Pure Bravery (NSFW VIDEO)

There were no shrinking violets among a group of 20 athletes who doffed their clothes and skied stark naked for a 2.5-minute sequence that is going viral online.

Skiing naked might seem a daunting proposition, with nothing to protect you against the cold and the snow, but it doesn't slow the athletes down as they carve lines through trees in an excerpt from the ski movie "Valhalla."

Director Nick Waggoner told Mountain Life Magazine that not one skier resisted the idea of hitting the mountains in the buff.

"As soon as people’s clothes came off there was this quiet sigh of relief, almost inaudible," he said.

"What everyone had been raised to believe would be their most mortifying moment was actually their most fun, their most free, their most electric.”

Waggoner told The Huffington Post Green that "Valhalla" was inspired by '60s and '70s-era films such as "Woodstock", which shows people cavorting naked, purely out of a sense of fun and freedom.

"There are these incredible scenes of people swimming naked together, and it's pretty far from sexual," he said.

"I think that kind of flavour was woven into the fabric of the film from really early on."

Filming the sequence wasn't totally painless for the athletes. One skier took a "bath" of snow while another was hit across the chest by a branch after a fall.

Still, none of it was unexpected.

"When you're doing something as ridiculous as skiing naked in the dead of winter, you're pretty prepared for ridiculous things to happen," Waggoner said.

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