10/28/2013 15:27 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 18:58 EST

Apple core at centre of municipal spat

Town councillors from neighbouring communities got into an argument about littering after one of them threw an apple core out his window and into a ditch.

Cupids Coun. Mike Power said he was driving through Bay Roberts when he threw the remains of an apple out the window of his pick-up truck.

While sitting at a red light, he was approached by Bay Roberts Coun. George Simmons.

"I was driving along in Bay Roberts and I discarded an apple core out through the window, and this guy came up to my window when I was at the lights and told me he's been watching me and he says he's going to report it to the RCMP," Power said.

"We just got in an argument about what was garbage and what was biodegradable," Power said.

According to Power, the two went to the RCMP detachment to get an officer to intervene in the matter.

Power said he doesn't see what the big deal was about since an apple core would get eaten by birds or other animals. And if not, it would decompose.

He said he hasn't been charged by police.