10/28/2013 01:27 EDT | Updated 10/28/2013 02:20 EDT

Banksy: One World Trade Center ‘Something They Would Build In Canada'

People walk by a street art graffiti by elusive British artist Banksy, as part of his month-long Better Out Than In exhibit, in New York, October 3, 2013. Banksy will be attempting to host an entire show on the streets of New York during a month residency. AFP PHOTO/Emmanuel Dunand (Photo credit should read EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

An editorial by British street artist Banksy criticizes New York skyscraper One World Trade Center, and disses Canada in the process.

In an op-ed meant for the New York Times but rejected by the paper, the anonymous artist slams the “shy skyscraper,” saying it looks Canadian.

“That building is a disaster. Well no, disasters are interesting. One World Trade Center is a non-event. It’s vanilla. It looks like something they would build in Canada,” he wrote.

The building replaces the World Trade Center Twin Towers, and is a “symbol of renewal,” according to architect David Childs. It is the world’s fourth tallest skyscraper at 104 storeys, the Telegraph reported, and is scheduled to open in early 2014.

In the editorial, Banksy goes on to call the building “104 floors of compromise.”

“It would be easy to view One World Trade Center as a betrayal of everyone who lost their lives on September 11th, because it so clearly proclaims the terrorists won. Those 10 men have condemned us to live in a world more mediocre than the one they attacked, rather than be the catalyst for a dazzling new one,” he wrote.

His comments have angered 9/11 victims’ families, according to the Toronto Sun.

Former fire department of New York deputy chief Jim Riches, who lost his son on the day of the attack, said Banksy is “insulting to everybody in New York, especially people that died that day.”

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