10/28/2013 02:33 EDT

Japadog IKEA Closes After One Day (TWEETS)


The popular Asian-style hot dog company, Japadog was forced to close their newest location after just one day of trading.

The company posted the decision to halt operations outside IKEA in Richmond to their Facebook page Sunday, after commenters took them to task for doing business at the location that has been the subject of a bitter labour dispute since early May.

A swathe of negative comments were posted on Facebook after Japadog announced their spot at IKEA on Saturday.

One poster, Bernie Boivin wrote: "Will never have a Japadog again after you made such a poor decision to try try to profit off the backs of locked out employees of IKEA. Shame on you!"

Tracey McComb posted: "Shame on you. You are basically taking food from children's mouths by supporting IKEA in their lockout to take wages and benefits from their employees. Absolutely despicable!"

James Wooh speculated on the reason behind bringing Japadog to the store's car park: "Remember people, there is an ongoing labour dispute. The Ikea bistro, which sells hot dogs, is closed during this time because of it. And bring in Japadog on site is essentially hiring replacement workers, which would be completely illegal if done any other way."

It didn't take long for the hot dog company to reverse their decision, posting the news to Facebook on Sunday:

News of the U-turn prompted a mixed response on Twitter:

Some positive..

Some bewildered..

Some cynical..

And others thinking about lunch..

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