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NOMAD Micro Homes Indiegogo Aims To Raise Money For Mini Houses (PHOTOS)

When it comes to our homes, how much space do we really need?

Vancouver-based design company, NOMAD, is out to prove that the answer is not very much at all.

The concept is called a Micro Home, and NOMAD sees it as the future of affordable and sustainable housing. In an Indiegogo campaign launched Oct. 18 and ending Dec. 2, NOMAD is hoping to raise $120,000 for the product's construction and testing, as well as large-scale production.

See what NOMAD homes will look like. Story continues beneath slideshow:

Photo gallery NOMAD Micro Homes See Gallery

On the campaign page, the Micro Home is described as:

With a cool factor set at maximum, this groundbreaking tiny house is flat-packed in a box that's ready for shipment anywhere on the planet and is easily assembled by our purchasers. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, stair, and sleeping area are all seamlessly integrated into a 10' x 10' space.

Priced at $25,000 for the base model, NOMAD’s goal is to reduce consumerism and focus on an affordable and sustainable housing option for the largest portion of our society: hard-working individuals who can't make ends meet due to the high cost of living. Adding our pre-engineered green packages for solar energy, rainwater collection and grey water treatment can take NOMAD’s right off the grid.

At the time of publication, NOMAD had already raised nearly $16,000 from the campaign. Perks for contributing include product T-shirts and scale models, and access to the "Steve Cam"—a live video feed that records the daily life of a man named Steve, who is living in a NOMAD Micro Home for 60 days.

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