10/28/2013 19:17 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 18:58 EST

Patrick Brazeau says RCMP haven't contacted him over expenses

Senator Patrick Brazeau, who is being investigated by the RCMP over allegations of breach of trust, says he has not yet been contacted by the force.

In an exclusive interview with CBC's , Brazeau told host Evan Solomon that he has not been approached by the RCMP nor have they taken any of his documents or contacted his office. 

According to court documents filed, the RCMP allege Brazeau committed breach of trust by filing inappropriate living and travel claims since April 2011. Brazeau maintains he has not broken any rules.

The former Conservative senator left the caucus following charges of assault and sexual assault that are before the courts.

Brazeau also reaffirmed to Solomon that he was offered what he called a "backroom deal" by Claude Carignan,  the government leader of the Senate, if he stood up in the chamber and apologized for his actions. 

Brazeau claimed that Carignan said sanctions against him would be modified. Instead of being suspended without pay for two years, the term would be reduced to one year, Brazeau claimed.

Carignan has denied that he offered Brazeau a "backroom deal," instead saying that he spoke to Brazeau out of friendship and that his words had been misinterpreted. Brazeau dismissed this suggestion as an "outright lie."

Brazeau claimed he lost favour with the PMO when he started questioning the government as to why it hadn't called a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women. He said that caused a rift in the Conservative caucus and began his "political downfall."

Brazeau also slammed Conservative Senator Marjory LeBreton's comments that Brazeau was "an experiment gone wrong."

"I've always known that Senator LeBreton is not one that favours the aboriginal agenda or likes aboriginal people," Brazeau said.