10/28/2013 02:58 EDT | Updated 10/28/2013 06:39 EDT

'Slutcouver' Craigslist Rant Slammed On Reddit

A sexist rant about the hypothetical dressing habits of Vancouver women on Halloween is being ripped apart on Reddit.

The angry and irrational ad, which was written in all caps, poor grammar and posted to Craigslist on Sunday with the location "Slut-couver, B.C.," began by saying that the city's women dress in a sexually-provocative manner every day of the year, and even more so on Halloween.

"Why? Because that is their only commodity exchange theory," it read.

The author, who claims to work in the film industry, goes on to say that Vancouver's female residents are "all show and no go, any guy that gets laid alot can tell you that."

He then said the city is stuck in the styles of the 1970s and 1960s, and that the 1960s and 1980s grunge music (it actually originated in the 1990s) taught women that "dressing down and or hard and or slutty is a good thing."

The rant has since been taken down, but Redditors seized on it soon after it was posted.

One commenter surmised that the author had been turned down by women one too many times, while another said that "Vancouver broke him."

Yet another commenter seized on the author's alleged employment: "This guy works in the film industry? Maybe we shouldn't save B.C. film."

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