10/28/2013 10:35 EDT | Updated 10/29/2013 10:06 EDT

Top 10 Fashionable Canadian Celebrities

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 08: Rachel McAdams attends the World Premiere of 'About Time' at Somerset House on August 8, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage)

Looking for some style inspiration? You don’t need to look too far; Canada is bursting with a wide range of fashion trends and style icons. We’re counting down the top 10 most fashionable Canadian celebrities -- do you agree with our picks?

Top 10 Fashionable Canadian Celebrities

Linda Evangelista

We’re proud to call her our own, but we’ll have to share, since Linda Evangelista is frequently considered one of the most influential style icons in the world, ever. Case in point: She was featured in TIME’s list of the All-Time Top 100 Fashion Icons and was the cover model for Flare’s “50 Most Stylish Canadians” feature this year. Even at 48, she can -- and does -- look amazing in literally anything.

Rachel McAdams

Everybody’s favourite Canadian girl-crush Rachel McAdams has solidified her position as a Canadian fashion and style icon with her versatile looks. She’s known for showing off her elegant-yet-bold tastes with sweeping gowns on the red carpet, but she’s also not afraid to dress down in a few timeless pieces and simple layers the rest of the time. Plus, she’s always willing to try new things; remember her pink hair from a few years ago?

Nina Dobrev

Just as comfortable rocking a stunning minidress and stilettos as she is wearing a pair of faded skinny jeans with an oversized toque, 24-year-old Dobrev displays a unique sense of style for women’s clothing that is totally age-appropriate without being too gaudy.

Joshua Jackson

It’s usually his girlfriend Diane Kruger who gets all of the fashion publicity, but Joshua Jackson has some serious men’s fashion clout of his own. His looks are always simple -- a laid-back button-up shirt and jeans combo or a perfectly tailored suit, for instance -- but whatever he wears, it always fits well and compliments Kruger’s outfit flawlessly.

Cobie Smulders

She may play a tomboy on How I Met Your Mother, but Cobie Smulders shows that she’s nothing like her alter-ego Robin Scherbatsky by rocking feminine prints, bold mini-dresses, and sweeping colourful gowns. The Vancouver native is also not afraid to curl her hair or wear a dramatic shade of red lipstick on the red carpet.

Ryan Gosling

You may be too busy staring into his dreamy eyes to notice what he’s wearing, but start paying attention folks: The Gos has got a great sense of men’s style. He usually opts for a perfectly respectable laid-back look such as skinny jeans with a denim shirt and a beat-up leather jacket, but when he dons a suit, make sure you’re not the person in between him and every female in the world. Let’s just say we get what all the fuss is about.

Coco Rocha

She may only be 25, but model Coco Rocha is already considered one of Canada’s top fashion icons of all time – for example, she made the Toronto Standard’s list of Canadian Style Industry Icons last year. Off the runway, she’s known for pulling off gorgeous flowy dresses and layered casual looks with elegance. Of course, when you’re regularly being asked to model for designers like Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney, it’s easy to pick up a few fashion pointers.

Jessica Paré

She always manages to wow audiences in her 60s-era minidresses and mod pantsuits on Mad Men, but did you know that Jessica Paré is just as fashionable in real life too? The stunning French Canadian actress loves to rock bold prints and vibrant colours on the red carpet.

Emily Haines

As the lead singer for Metric, Emily Haines has perfected the rocker-chick look with a variety of vintage leather jackets, stylish short shorts, and the occasional glittery mini-dress.

Brad Goreski

It might surprise you to learn that Goreski, star of It’s a Brad Brad World and one of Hollywood’s most in-demand celebrity stylists, is actually a small town boy from southern Ontario. As Rachel Zoe’s former assistant, Goreski is no stranger to the red carpet and is famous for his bright blazers, his kitschy bow ties and his impressive range of designer specs.

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