10/28/2013 11:34 EDT | Updated 10/28/2013 11:34 EDT

World's Sexiest Language Goes To French Speakers: Survey


(Relaxnews) - It’s perhaps the musicality and softness of the language, or zee charming way zey can’t pronounce ‘th.’ Whatever the reason, French was named the sexiest language in the world according to an international poll of globetrotters.

In a poll that surveyed 8,000 respondents around the world, the romanticism and elegance of the Gallic language beat the spirited, rolling cadence of Italian and the prim gentility of British English as the world's sexiest language.

According to the survey, it’s not just the city’s majestic architecture or reputation as the capital of romance that draws millions of tourists every year, but the sensual charm of the French language that makes the country a desired tourist destination.

After French, survey participants voted Italian the second sexiest language for being famously expressive and gestural, followed by the British accent.

Meanwhile, in a 2009 survey conducted by, 5,000 female respondents named the Irish accent the sexiest on the planet, followed by Italian, Scottish and French.

At the time, blamed then French President Nicolas Sarkozy for turning women off the French accent.

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