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B.C. Hunter Kills Yukon Family Dog By Accident

A devastated Yukon family is calling for a roadside hunting ban after their pet dog was accidentally killed by a hunter who mistook it for a wolf.

Eric Peterson was drinking coffee on the porch of his Atlin Road cabin last May when a shot rang out. Moments later, his six-year-old shepherd cross, Tikka, fell dead in the meadow.

Peterson pursued the shooter down the highway where an angry confrontation ensued.

The man he confronted, Daniel Bridge, said he mistook the black dog for a wolf.

"Mr. Bridge saw a wolf, and he shot one, but it turned out to be a dog," Peterson said. "All of us know we sometime take actions and go, 'oops' but this was a pretty heavy duty 'oops' and I think it's time for preventative action."

Bridge has since left the territory and appeared by telephone in court this week facing wildlife charges for hunting out of season.

He apologized to the Peterson family, and agreed to a $1750 fine, payable to the Mae Bachur medical fund for injured animals.

Bridge is barred from hunting two years and must take hunter education training before he can be re-licensed.

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