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No Affordable Housing On The Waterfront, Says Rob Ford

Mayor Rob Ford is not interested in seeing affordable housing on Toronto's waterfront, he said in impromptu remarks to reporters on Tuesday.

"The location to me is ridiculous — you don't use prime property for affordable housing," said Ford on the suggestion that low-income property be available near the waterfront.

He stressed he would still press the federal and provincial governments for funding for affordable housing, but will debate the location of it. He also spoke about user fees at community services, an alleged drink-throwing incident from the summer and refused to answer a question about Alessandro "Sandro" Lisi, his friend and occasional driver who was recently arrested on drug charges.

The mayor joked that he would only speak to reporters after he went out of his office to buy some soup — which he did, as promised.

Click on the video above to see the mayor's conversation with reporters.

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