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Virgin America Safety Video Blends Airline Rules With Entertainment

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar and you catch the attention of more flyers with entertainment than nagging.

In what could easily be mistaken if Virgin America hired the cast of "Glee" to work as cabin crew, the airline has crafted a safety video that mixes aircraft regulations with robot rap, contortionists and a nun.

And that's only at the halfway point.

It's a blend of in-flight safety and in-flight entertainment in what the airline touts as the first U.S. domestic safety video performed entirely to music and through dance, Variety reports.

The video features 36 singers and dancers and 14 dance styles over five minutes, according to Washington D.C.'s WTop radio station. It evens adds a little star power by featuring the music of "American Idol" semi-finalist Todrick Hall and the directing chops of Jon Chu, who's better known for directing movies like "G.I. Joe: Retaliation”.

The U.S. airline has something of fun streak with their safety video, with their last one, a cheeky animated flick released back in 2007, being the first for any airline according to Virgin America, Mashable points out.

That much isn't certain but they are the first airline to turn a dancing nun into a GIF. And really, if a shimmying nun won't get you to obey federal aviation regulations, what will?

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