10/30/2013 09:59 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

'Fake Weed' CEO Arrested Again In $2-Million Drug Raid

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The chief executive of a synthetic marijuana company whose product was being sold in Hamilton is in trouble with the law again after a $2-million drug bust.

Toronto police arrested Adam Wookey, 29, on Monday alongside four others. The CEO of The Izms and Purepillz is now facing a host of drug related charges.

On Monday, officers from the Toronto Police drug squad's major cocaine section executed six search warrants in connection with a two-week investigation into an alleged illegal drug distribution network.

Police say officers found $1-million worth of MDMA, $580,000 worth of pot, and $200,000 worth of cocaine in the raids. Smaller amounts of heroin, crystal meth and ketamine were also recovered, along with $90,000 in cash considered “proceeds of crime,” police say.

Wookey was arrested in Hamilton back in march over charges stemming from his synthetic marijuana Izms product. Hamilton police charged him after a downtown adult novelty store in the city was robbed for their entire supply of the “synthetic weed” in January.

Synthetic cannabis, also known as synthetic cannabinoids, doesn’t contain any real cannabis. It's a blend of herbs sprayed with man-made hallucinogens that mimic the effects of marijuana.

Synthetic marijuana is typically packaged in small pouches with brand names like 'Spice,' 'K-2' or 'IZMS.' The packages often say "not for human consumption" on the label.

Wookey turned himself in and insisted the product isn’t illegal. In May, charges in the case were stayed without explanation. The current charges against him aren’t connected to Izms, police say.

Wookey appeared in court Tuesday morning and was granted $10,000 bail.

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