10/30/2013 11:44 EDT | Updated 12/30/2013 05:12 EST

Saskatchewan towns find running garbage dumps costly due to provincial changes

YORKTON, Sask. - Some small towns in Saskatchewan are finding the cost of trash too high to continue running local landfills.

Churchbridge, just southeast of Yorkton, is one of those towns.

For the last 15 years, the local landfill has also served nearby Langenburg.

The towns even teamed up to purchase a garbage truck together when they first struck a deal to send all of Langenburg's trash to Churchbridge.

But even though there's lots of room left in the landfill, the mayors say new provincial regulations are making it more costly for the towns to run.

Churchbridge Mayor Jim Gallant and Langenburg Mayor Don Fogg have been in talks to arrange for their towns' trash to be hauled to Yorkton's landfill.

"It's getting more costly to run the landfill. There's no money for assisting towns to run landfills so every time the (ministry of) Environment comes up with a new set of rules it costs more," says Gallant

"So we crunched the numbers and it's basically (we'd) break even by having our dump shut down and getting our garbage hauled to a different landfill."

Fogg says there's a lot of work yet to be done.

"We're still negotiating with Yorkton as far as their landfill...if they don't accept it we're back to square one," Fogg said.

Churchbridge will begin shutting down its landfill in April 2014, with the complete shutdown scheduled for October.