10/31/2013 11:37 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Brandon Daniels Death: Pathologist Says Teen Who Died In Police Cell Could Have Been Saved


SASKATOON - A pathologist says a 19-year-old man who died of a massive Tylenol overdose in a Saskatoon police cell could have survived had he received proper medical care in time.

Dr. Shaun Ladham, Saskatchewan's chief forensic pathologist, testified Thursday at an inquest into Brandon Daniels' death in July 2010.

Ladham said toxicity levels in Daniels' system showed he could have easily ingested two bottles of Tylenol, or more than 600 pills.

Daniels was not taken to a hospital, nor was a medical assessment done when he was brought in to detention, something Ladham said should have been done.

It's believed Daniels died in his cell sometime the next morning.

Ladham also said no alcohol was found in Daniels blood — police put Daniels in a cell because they thought he was drunk when they found him slouched, barely responsive, on a bench.

The inquest has heard Daniels was hospitalized for mental health issues, including auditory hallucinations, a few months before his death.

His family believes he was using the Tylenol to self-medicate because he did not have his anti-psychotic medication at the time.

The purpose of an inquest is to find out what happened and recommend actions that can prevent similar deaths.

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