10/31/2013 02:40 EDT

‘Hitler' Reacts To Duffy Revelations, Conservative Woes (VIDEO)

It was only a matter of time.

Yes, a politics junkie out there has posted a "Downfall" parody to YouTube addressing the troubles Conservatives face thanks to embattled Senator Mike Duffy.

For those unaware, the clip comes from the 2004 German film "Der Untergang", which details the last days of Adolf Hitler's life. In one famous scene, Hitler, played by Bruno Ganz, reacts with anger and despair to the realization that it's all over for the Third Reich.

Thousands of hilarious parodies have popped up on the Internet over the years with the subtitles changed to reflect current events, showing Hitler reacting furiously to everything from Facebook's IPO to Miley Cyrus' VMA performance.

The clip above shows Hitler being briefed about the Senate expense scandal and upcoming Tory convention in Calgary.

While at first he assumes Canadians will forget about the scandal, Hitler loses it when he learns Duffy spilled the beans about a second cheque.

"Is it too much for you fools to keep one man silent?" Hitler screams. "In all the times we've thrown one of our own under the bus, did we ever park a microphone in front of them so they could drone on at length? We've as good as lost the next election."

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