10/31/2013 04:12 EDT | Updated 10/31/2013 04:18 EDT

Justin Bieber Gets 'Wake-Up Call' In Guatemala, Gives Child Shoes Off His Own Feet

Justin Bieber has been on something of a downward spiral for some months now, but perhaps his string of scandals is coming to an end thanks to a trip to Guatemala this past weekend that he's dubbed a "wake-up call."

In a "video confession" posted to YouTube and embedded above, a visibly emotional Bieber describes his experience in the Central American country where he helped build a school in a remote village with the organization Pencils of Promise after performing in Guatemala City .

"It was a place that I didn't really know existed…so many beautiful children who are very, very less fortunate. I'm not talking about poor. I'm talking about ten people living in a little shack. It was just a wake-up call for me," Bieber said. "Any problem that I have, It's nothing at all. These kids have absolutely nothing -- no food, no water, no education. Yet we're stressing over the little things and they're so happy. They're just so happy."

TMZ reported Bieber even gave a child there the shoes off of his own feet.

Bieber's three-minute confession also revealed an impressive level of self-awareness for a celebrity who has been treated like he was the centre of the universe since he was a kid.

"I got to say it's selfish, it's selfish of, but it's the best selfishness possible because I'm doing this because it makes me happy. But it's also helping so many other amazing people," he said. "I even think it's corny sometimes when people [are like] 'Everybody single-handedly can make a difference,' but it’s not because today was a prime example. Five us went out there and us five single-handedly made a difference in that community. So each and every one of you, no matter how old or young you are, you can make a difference."

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