10/31/2013 12:54 EDT | Updated 11/01/2013 08:30 EDT

Rob Ford 'Crack' Video Scandal: Here's What We Learned Today

So here's everything we learned today about the police investigation of Rob Ford and the infamous video.

  • Police Recovered The Video
    Toronto Police
    Chief Bill Blair drops a bombshell in the press conference with his confirmation that police are now in possession of a digital video file that "contains images that was described in the press."
  • The Video Will Be Presented In Court
    In video will be presented during the trial of Ford's friend and occasional driver, Alexander Lisi, who is now charged with extortion, along with previous charges for marijuana trafficking, possession of the proceeds of crime, possession of marijuana and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence.
  • Will Rob Ford Face Charges?
    Toronto Police
    Chief Blair says the video does not show anything that could on its own lead to charges against Mayor Ford. The police are continuing their investigation.
  • Lisi Charged With Extortion
    Ford friend and occasional driver Alexander Lisi is now facing extortion charges.
  • Staffer Was Concerned Lisi Provided Mayor With 'Marijuana And Possibly Cocaine'
    Ford former staffer, Chris Fickel said he "heard that 'Sandro'" supplied the mayor with drugs, according to the documents.
  • Bill Blair Is Disappointed
    Canadian Press
    "As a citizen of Toronto I'm disappointed," Blair said. "I know it's traumatic for the citizens of this city."
  • No Special Treatment For Ford
    Canadian Press
    "I'm confident that my people have done their best to gather all the evidence to date," Blair said. "No one has been overlooked because of their position."

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