10/31/2013 03:25 EDT | Updated 12/31/2013 05:12 EST

Weekly shinny: A threat to middle-aged men?

Have you ever watched a pick-up hockey game between middle-aged men and wondered about the potential health risks facing some of the more portly participants?

While some believe the stop-start nature of hockey makes the game dangerous for older players who aren’t in great physical condition, that mindset might not be entirely true.

“The combination of bench sitting and playing is not more lethal than simply intensive exercise,” says Jack Goodman, a kinesiologist at the University of Toronto and pick-up hockey player who monitored 24 middle-aged teammates and opponents.

But, as Goodman adds, playing hockey once a week isn’t enough for a middle-aged man to cut the risk of a heart attack.

Click above for more on Goodman’s research and to hear from a hockey-playing heart attack survivor.