11/01/2013 08:25 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 10:52 EST

2 years after Resolute plane crash, still no answers

People in the High Arctic community of Resolute say they're disappointed the Transportation Safety Board still hasn't completed a report about the First Air crash there more than two years ago.

Twelve people died and three people were injured when a First Air Boeing 737 slammed into a hill near the airport in August 2011.

The Transportation Safety Board told CBC Thursday that its final report won't be ready until the new year.

Resolute's senior administrative officer Angela Idlout is impatient.

"[The crash] affected a lot of people," Idlout said. "A lot of people from the community were first responders and they just can't kind of get over it, especially not knowing exactly what happened and why that happened."

Idlout says that the report will help bring some closure to all the people affected by the crash.

The Transportation Safety Board says the investigation was long and complicated and required a lot of time.

The crash resulted in several lawsuits blaming air traffic control. Those lawsuits are still before the courts.

The Canadian Forces had set up a temporary control zone in Resolute at the time, during the Operation Nanook military exercise.

The TSB has issued two safety recommendations based on its investigation so far. One focuses on communications at the Resolute airport, the other on aircraft flight data recordings.