11/01/2013 01:45 EDT | Updated 11/01/2013 01:45 EDT

Gawker's John Cook Slams Star For Rob Ford Story Triumphalism


Gawker's John Cook, the editor who first broke the news of the video in which Rob Ford smokes what appears to be crack cocaine, has slammed the publisher of the Toronto Star for what he sees as excessive triumphalism from the paper regarding its role in the story.

Cook launched an 11 tweet rant at John Cruickshank Friday after the publisher posted an editorial about the Star's "extraordinary journalism."

See all the tweets in the slideshow below.

Cook has repeatedly praised the work done by the Star since the Ford story broke in May, but has also been quick to point out when others fail to recognize Gawker's importance. Apart from breaking the video news (the Star followed soon after), Cook and Gawker also broke the story that pipe-wielding assailants looking for the video attacked the residents of the home where Ford was photographed with three alleged gang members (two since arrested, one killed).

Alexander Lisi, Ford's friend and occasional driver, has been charged with extortion in relation to an attempt to retrieve the video. He was released on bail Friday.

Cook praised the Star Thursday, but also sent out several tweets that lightly mocked the way the Star has reveled in the announcement by Chief Bill Blair that police are in possession of the video.

Cook and Gawker also engaged in war of words in May when the Star used the word "exclusive" to describe their story about the video.

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