11/01/2013 05:01 EDT

'ReBoot' TV Show Will Be Different This Time Around, Rainmaker Says (VIDEO)

As '90s nerds celebrate the recent news that beloved cartoon "ReBoot" is getting, well, the reboot, the company behind the resurrection wants fans to know the redux version will not be a replica of what has gone before.

"The world of technology has changed drastically in the 20 years from when ReBoot first started,” Vancouver's Rainmaker president Michael Hefferon told That means beloved characters like Bob, Megabyte, Enzo, and Dot won't be at the show's forefront anymore, but they may well pop up for cameo appearances.

According to Canadian Business, the new version will allow kids to interact with episodes via tablets and smartphones, echoing the groundbreaking nature of the show when it first launched, way back in 1994.

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