11/02/2013 07:21 EDT | Updated 11/02/2013 08:00 EDT

Dallas Eakins' Daughter Has Heartbreaking Encounter (VIDEO)

A NHL coach encountered more criticism than he bargained for when dropping off his 5-year-old daughter at school recently.

In a video posted on YouTube on Friday, Edmonton Oilers' coach Dallas Eakins, who's in his first season as an NHL bench boss, says he was walking his daughter to school when a child yelled out that he was the head coach of the team.

His daughter got really excited at the mention of her father, says Eakins, but it didn't last long. Another child yelled out, "You suck."

"The look on my daughter's face is one of something different [then]," said a visibly upset Eakins.

The video garnered almost 25,000 views and mixed reaction from viewers, with many pointing out the child's innocence.

"Terrible situation. My sympathies go out to the poor child, who has nothing to do with the situation. This child is completely blameless, and is being subjected to the worst kind of abuse," said user Tony Pizza.

"The kid speaks truth," said another.

The remark comes at a time when the Oilers aren't having a favourable season and stand last in the Western Conference.

Read the full transcript of what Eakins had to say and reaction to the video below:

"I'm walking my daughter to school yesterday and I get one kid yelling to everybody that that's the head coach

of the Edmonton Oilers, and my 5-year-old daughter gets real excited because, 'oh ya that's my daddy.' And then I get another kid yelling, 'You suck.' And then the look on my daughter's face is one of something different."

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