11/02/2013 12:23 EDT

Keian Blundell, Cancer Patient, Becomes Mountie For A Day (TWEETS)


It was a dream come true for 6-year-old Keian Blundell.

Diagnosed with leukemia in July 2012, Keian has spent a lot of time being driven to and from BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, a route that took him past RCMP headquarters. He started to dream about joining the force.

On Friday, the boy from Langley B.C. was presented with a custom made, miniature red serge RCMP uniform by Mounties moved by the cancer-patient's plight.

There was a lot of time and effort, people put in their own time and used bits and pieces of uniforms that have been cast off or no longer useful,” Staff Sgt. Major John Buis, told Global News.

On Halloween, Keian had been invited to the 501st Legion to meet the members. Keian's dad, Ryan Blundell shared his son's exciting week on Twitter.

Sadly, Keian, who moved with his family into Canucks Place just over a week ago, is not expected to live much longer.

"In a family meeting, doctors told Keian’s parents Chantal and Ryan that there was nothing more that could be done with Keian’s treatment,” a family friend told The Langley Times.

The paper also reports that the battle to save Keian has put his family in precarious financial straights. The family had to give up their rental home and move into a temporary apartment provided by the hospital. They are also struggling to make their car insurance payments. A fundraiser continues to help support them as they go through this painful time.

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