11/04/2013 06:03 EST | Updated 11/04/2013 07:34 EST

Arts In 60 Seconds: University Of Alberta Series Offers Insight Into Diverse Research (VIDEO)

A new video series by the University of Alberta will make you wonder why university classes ever needed to longer than a minute.

Arts in 60 Seconds, a collection of one-minute videos featuring the University of Alberta's Faculty of Arts researchers and their work, offer a glimpse into the different worlds the award-winning faculty are exploring.

Meant as quick intros to various subjects, these short videos cover topics ranging from human evil and witch-hunting to mass moral panic and Japanese gaming.

Lois Harder, the faculty’s associate dean, told Metro News she got the idea from Penn State in the U.S., as a way to showcase the school's research to the public.

“We are under increasing pressure from lots of places, most notably the people that give us money to do our research, to put it out there in ways that are digestible,” she said.

Did you know Japan became a cash-based society centuries ago, without ever minting a single coin on its own? Or that some philosophers believe we can see the past through a photograph, just like we can see around a corner in a mirror?

Find answers to these questions and more in the university's videos:

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