11/04/2013 01:32 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 10:52 EST

Close electoral races in Southwest, Ville-Marie may prompt recounts

Tight races in some Montreal key electoral districts may prompt judicial recounts.

The Southwest borough was a tight race from the beginning, with incumbent mayor BenoitDorais, of Marcel Côté’s Coalition Montreal, and Jason Prince of Projet Montreal duking it out for the borough mayor’s seat.  

As it stands, Prince is just 92 votes behind unconfirmed winner Dorais.

All the other seats for borough and city council in the Southwest went to Projet Montreal candidates.

In Ville-Marie, Richard Bergeron’s candidate designate, Janine Krieber, won by 91 votes over Coderre candidate Philippe Schnobb. It may be another district to watch for a possible recount.

And in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, fewer than 10 votes separate the two top candidates in two city council races.

So what happens now?

According to Denis Dion, the spokesman for Quebec’s chief returning officer, anyone can petition a Quebec court judge for a judicial recount — no matter the difference in votes or whether the person petitioning is even from the municipality in question.

“The law says any person who has reasonable grounds to believe the returning officer has improperly counted or rejected votes, or believe that the returning officer improperly compiled the votes, can ask for a recount, or re-addition, of the votes,” Dion said.

Anyone appealing a vote in Sunday’s elections has to do so within four days of the first count.