11/04/2013 06:38 EST

Great Bear Rainforest Live On Camera Is Amazing (VIDEO)

Wildlife researchers have set up a system of cameras in the Great Bear Rainforest that are aimed at giving people a first-hand look at the animals that live in some of B.C.'s most remote areas.

Pacific Wild's Great Bear LIVE viewing system has two cameras that broadcast live feeds of animals such as whales, bears and sea-lions on the organization's website.

One of the cameras is situated in a river valley, where recent viewers watched a pack of wolves feed on fish in a spawning stream.

The cameras have been previously trained on areas that showed grizzly bears, herring and sandhill cranes.

"It's a really exciting way to study wildlife and better understand what happens in these hidden enclaves," Ian McAllister, Pacific Wild's executive director, said in an introductory video.

Check out some of the videos from Pacific Wild's remote camera viewing system. The story continues below the slideshow:

But the project, which is funded by the Tides Canada Initiatives Society, has a deeper purpose: to let the public know about species whose habitats could be threatened by industrial development such as the Northern Gateway pipeline.

"Given the serious concerns of shipping oil through this coastline, the more people that understand the global importance of this rainforest the better," McAllister said in a news release.

Pacific Wild's ambition to document wildlife doesn't end there.

The organization is carrying out an Indiegogo campaign in which they hope to raise enough money to buy a night vision camera to capture evening activity, as well as underwater activity that would allow them to broadcast images of salmon, octopi and many other marine animals.

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