11/05/2013 02:00 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Hedley Perform Quietest Rock Concert Ever In Banff

Vancouver-based rock band Hedley know how to make some noise - they're hardly shrinking violets when it comes to putting on a concert.

But for 850 fans who attended their recent show in Banff, there was only one way to hear the music and that was with headphones -- there was no PA system.

It looks a bit odd to see a large group of people all standing outside listening to a live concert with headphones, but the advantages soon become apparent.

There's no bad seat in the house for sound. Each audience member hears the sound exactly as the band intends it to be heard. And no one in the neighbourhood can complain about too much noise.

CBCMusic will feature several videos from the concert at The first video is the song "Anything." You can watch it here.

Headphone discos and concerts have been around since at least 1999. The dramatic outdoor scenery for the location of the Hedley headphone concert at Banff National Park made it especially notable.

The concert was a four-way collaboration between Parks Canada, Sennheiser Audio, Hedley and CBCMusic.

Parks Canada set the scene at Banff National Park's Cascade Gardens and Sennheiser Audio provided the special wireless headphones that enabled everyone to hear the music.

Hedley debuted all the songs from their new album "Wildlife", plus a few of their hits and CBCMusic captured the concert for release on, CBC TV's "Backstage Pass" and CBC Radio 2's "Canada Live" show.

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