11/05/2013 11:52 EST

Nanaimo Deer Fight In Epic Standoff (VIDEO)

Two deer were spotted locking antlers in what could have been a fight over territory on Nov. 1.

A video posted to YouTube on Monday shows the two bucks standing off in a Nanaimo driveway before they they take the fight into a neighbour's yard.

Michael Scott witnessed the fight, which spilled over on to his property as he was coming home for lunch, Global News reported.

“Both kind of let out a snort,” he said. “And then I saw a doe in the bush near them.”

Scott believes the animals were fighting over territory.

The bucks kept their horns firmly locked for about four minutes until they got tangled around a tree. One of the deer then chased his opponent over a fence and out of frame.

This is hardly the first time that humans have come so close to deer in B.C.

Last August, a buck was filmed nuzzling up to a teenage boy along Kalamalka Lake. That deer later had to be killed after it became fearless around people.

In another instance, a Ucluelet woman was allowed to keep Bimbo, a domesticated deer, as a pet after conservation officers initially told her she would have to give it up.

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